Hearts of Palm Mission

Who We Are


Hearts of Palm is an interdenominational mission host site, striving to focus on how God lovingly works through people.  We believe we are called to do more than live only for ourselves.  Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle daily in this world, especially when they are so easily forgotten under the glitz and glitter of those who have so much. Hearts of Palm provides opportunities for mission teams to experience smiles, tears and a deepening faith by serving others through the love of Christ.  Compassion, faith in God and hard work leaves your footprint of love on the hearts of those who have so little amid so much.

Palm Beach may be the most exclusive address in the United States, but Palm Beach County is a tale of two worlds, where wealth and poverty rub shoulders.  Severe poverty and homelessness is hidden in the shadows of millionaire mansions.

Hearts of Palm is a ministry of St. Mark's Episcopal Church and School, a Palm Beach County institution for over 50 years.